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Henry Garcia of Austin, TX
My girls give it a thumbs up. After the first couple of minutes...I heard both of them engaging in the participatory parts of the video. ...Trinity being 6 and Isabella 3, their attention/attraction to videos tends to vary does a good job of engaging a notable range in age focus.

Content and Format:
I found the content basic but solid (as it should be for an introduction to any language) and the format seems to engage the little viewers. I should mention that I have observed my 3 year old to be hesitant to engage in participatory parts of such leading videos...but observed her readily participating during Frank and Paco. This too I found of relevance to the review as verbal participation is key to cementing language skills. I also conclude that the length is appropriate as both my girls remained engaged for the duration of the video...

Quality of Spanish:
I definitely see the effort put in the use "international" opposed to regionalized. I believe this is the right approach as...this is the Spanish that is understood across the Spanish speaking world and in business and broadcasting.
I had to order this DVD after my young daughter saw it at a friend's house and wanted one of her own. Now my daughter is teaching her little brother Spanish! Love it. Great for all ages. The music keeps the children engaged. Can't wait to see if there will be more in this series.
Lauren K. Magee "USC Alum" (Los Angeles, CA USA)
My kids love this. They have watched it many times and have learned all the Spanish words already. Great product.
Adriana Gutierrez - Spanish teacher, Sugar Land, TX
I really liked the video, is EXCELENTE!! I tried yesterday with one of my groups to see if they liked it, and they were all paying attention and answering the questions...
Abigail Valley - Sugar Land, TX
I love the "Frank and Paco" video because it targets to the beginning of a child's vocabulary. It is engaging for little ones and for adults too. I like the grammatical information that the DVD provides (easy to select from the menu).

Abby Cook - Austin, TX
My sons fell in love with this DVD - they want to watch it over and over again. My 3 year old loves singing along with the theme song and is already picking up some Spanish words after only a few viewings. We will definitely be purchasing the future volumes as they come out. I recommend this for parents who want their kids to have fun and be entertained as they learn.

Norm Edwards - Houston, TX
Our 2 year old can't say "Frank and Paco" yet but he asks for this DVD by name, calling it "Pagu"! He's a little young to pick up on the Spanish, but he loves the bright colors and happy music. And he matches the English words he does know with the images on the screen: "Milk," "Eat," "Fruit," and so on. An extra bonus on this DVD is that, after it ends, it starts right over from the beginning. So we adults don't have to keep selecting "Play" from the menu!! I give this DVD five stars!

E. Whitworth - Austin, TX
This DVD is a real groundbreaker when it comes to finding tools to teach our children new language skills...and entertaining, too! My granddaughter and nieces and nephews enjoy it tremendously and are hilarious when they sing along.