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About Us

About Poole Productions
Poole Productions is a group of people and a horse and rooster who love teaching language…especially English and Spanish. The company was formed after the idea for Frank and Paco was born during a brainstorming session between Gordy, Cecilia and Hannah. It happened while they were returning from the Rio Grande Valley, a place rich in Spanish speakers.

About Cecilia
Cecilia Poole is our executive producer. Cecilia grew up in the Rio Grande Valley which is in the southernmost part of Texas.  As a young child she lived in Brownsville, in a house less than 2 miles from the border crossing into Mexico. Later, she moved to Harlingen, which is also in the Rio Grande Valley. Growing up and working in the Rio Grande Valley, Cecilia was surrounded by the rich culture of the Spanish speaking people of south Texas.  She loved to hear the beautiful Spanish language and is still enjoying learning more about it.  Cecilia obtained a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Texas A&M University and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston.  While working for KRIV TV in Houston, she produced numerous features and specials about the environment and weather and also produced a monthly series promoting adoption of children.  Cecilia is an advocate for adoption and is involved with PRISMs, an organization promoting awareness about Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  She has an adopted daughter, who has Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Cecilia also has a step-daughter, who is also adopted.

About Christina
Christina Garza is part of the content development team and is one our actors and narrators. Christina Garza was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She grew up speaking English and Spanish thanks to her mother, Juanita, who's a native of Mexico.

Christina earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Television from the University of Houston, with a minor in Spanish.  She is a journalist by trade, working as a reporter and anchor for major television broadcast companies such as Telemundo, Univision and FOX 26 in Houston.

Her love for languages and cultures has prompted Christina to learn a third language- French. She also teaches conversational Spanish to children and adults.

About Elsa
Elsa Acosta is part of the content development team. Elsa Acosta was born in Ecuador and immigrated with her parents to the United States in 1985.  Elsa earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston and worked in the petroleum and engineering business for 15 years.  Then, Elsa became a certified Bilingual Teacher in Texas.

Elsa considers herself a "constant learner" and enjoys teaching with a passion.  Elsa  has been a volunteer, teaching Spanish to adults.  She is an advocate for preserving the Spanish language between the balance of traditions, conservatism and assimilation of new words.  Although the Spanish language has to evolve, Elsa hopes that will not happen too fast so that the Spanish language will maintain its integrity for future generations..

About Frank the horse
Frank the horse is best friends with Paco the rooster. He loves to eat, especially carrots and apples. He is enjoying learning Spanish from Paco.

About Gordy
Gordy Poole is the voice of Frank the horse. Gordy has a radio/television broadcast degree from the University of Omaha Nebraska. He has worked in the television industry for more than thirty years as a sports broadcaster, photographer and lighting director. Gordy has two adopted daughters.

About Hannah
Hannah is one our actors and is a college student studying pre-school education. She loves the outdoors and country and western dancing.

About Mary Ann
Mary Ann Herrera is part of the content development team. She is a native Texan who grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She received a Bachelors of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in 1987 from Texas A&M University. Upon graduating from A&M she returned to the Rio Grande Valley to teach a first grade bilingual class of migrant students in La Joya, Texas. Mary Ann received her Bilingual/ESL certification from the University of Texas Pan American, formally known as Pan American University. Mary Ann later got married and moved to Houston, Texas where she continued to teach bilingual students within the Houston Independent School District. She then joined the Alief Independent School District as a bilingual teacher, which developed to a Title One Specialist and ultimately to an ESL Bilingual Specialist over a thirteen year period. While working with Alief ISD she opted to return to school and get her Masters in Education/Supervision from the University of Saint Thomas in 1996 and her Mid-Management Administrators Certification in 2000. She currently works in the Multilingual Programs Department of Houston ISD. She is a strong proponent of Bilingual Education and has served on the Houston Area Association for Bilingual Education Board otherwise known as “H.A.A.B.E.” In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her two boys and husband. Mary Ann is a strong advocate for Bilingual Education where every child, regardless of language or cultural background, receives a solid education and a brighter future.

About Megan
Megan is one of our actors and is a college student studying deaf education. She loves animals and volunteers at an animal shelter. She also loves music and has a wide selection of favorites from country to pop.

About Paco the rooster
Paco the rooster is best friends with Frank the horse. He is very smart and loves to talk and eat popcorn. He is enjoying learning English from Frank.

About Raul
Raul is the voice of Paco the Rooster. He is also part of the content development team. He is originally from Chile and has lived in the U.S for more than thirty-five years. Raul describes himself as a "citizen of the world" and as a "people person."  He has traveled extensively in Latin America, the U. S and Canada. For English, French, Italian, and Portuguese , Raul has a Certificate in Foreign Languages  from the Instituto de Extensión Cultural de la Universidad de Chile. He also has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the Vice-Rectoria de Comunicaciones de la Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Raul has worked for several Spanish radio broadcasting companies, such as Tichenor Media Systems, Heftel Broadcasting and Univision in Houston, Texas. He is a Texas news correspondent for non-commercial public radio stations which are affiliated members of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the U.S.  He has also worked for several radio stations in Latin America and the ABC Television Network in New York City, WXTV-Channel 41 TV in New York/ New Jersey, Lotus Television / TV Informa in Houston  and KRIV-FOX 26 in Houston.

Raul Feliciano likes to read and enjoys classical music and the outdoors. He is an advocate for environmental protection and the civil and human rights of all people.